Latitudinal Cuisine :

latcui 3.41 – longitude 286

Last week

Gary hosted for a small, but perfectly formed group, at his place in Walthamstow. There is no word whether any guinea pigs (Panama) made it on to the menu!

Thanks to Gary for hosting!

This week

We return east to the spiritual (or at least legal) home of Latitudinal Cuisine, for a dinner for 12 on Thursday evening at Alex and Sinead’s in Shoreditch.

In the north we are bang on New York City and thus we invite you to bring the Big Apple to the Big Smoke for a New York City themed evening.

In NYC each neighbourhood features its own diverse ethnic cuisines. Come represent the finest food from your adopted NYC neighbourhood. Dumplings and wontons in Chinatown; pizza and pasta in Little Italy; and Czech pierogis and Hungarian goulash of the Upper East Side.

But what about lesser known neighbourhoods? The Irish food in Bay Ridge in Brooklyn; the Sri Lankan cuisine of Tompkinsville, Staten Island; or the Filipino food of Norwood in Queens.

Or bring one of the dishes said to have originated in NYC: Steak Diane, Waldorf Salad, General Tso’s Chicken, Penne alla Vodka; and New York-style baked cheesecake, amongst others.

One month after the annivsary of 9/11, come celebrate all that is great about one of the greatest cities in the world: NYC.

This week:

Date:   Thursday, 13th October

Time:    8.30pm

Venue : Alex & Sinead’s, Shoreditch

Number of Guests: 12

Longitude: 286; Theme: New York City


Travel Documents:

The future:

-Thursday, 20th October, 8pm (please note change of date)

The Hub Westminster hosts 40 for The Future of Food dinner


We are out of hosts. Do get in touch if you would like to host (it’s really fun).


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